Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After-event pictures!

Some pictures now...

Another picture of the akunoya, a little wet from the rain. It has actually held up much better than I expected.

Clothes I made for Richard with Reconstructing History's Elizabethan Sea Dogs pattern... (ignore the man in fundoshi - I didn't make those). He still needs proper shoes, a hat, maybe a ruff and, if he's going to be Portuguese, a capelet. But it's a decent start.

My own clothes (missing waraji, and might benefit from arm and leg guards when it gets cold)

I have to show you my friends from Lotus no Chi too!


  1. Je te mets aussi dans ma liste de lecture (surtout si tu nous montres d'autres belles fesses comme ça! ;0)

  2. Hey there.

    So I have decided to tackle an akunoya and I really love the simplicity of yours, I was wondering if there was a way I could get some plans for the one you built (that doesnt look like a big circus tent)

    If you could shoot me an email I would appreciate any help you have to offer