Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm OK

I came across this post today: 7 Things Happy People Say Every Day. Now, I rarely spend much time reading those kinds of posts; they usually simply re-hash the same oversimplified pop wisdom. But, once in a while, something strikes a chord.
6.  “I’m OK.”
How you respond to life’s little tragedies is what shapes your character.  Crap happens sometimes, you’ve got to deal with it and move on.  Don’t hide from it.  If your dreams are out in the world somewhere and you’re inside hiding, the only new things that will gather in your mind are anxiety and bitterness.  Eventually that anxiety and bitterness will eat away at you and leave nothing behind but an unhappy shell of your former self.
So when the crap hits the fan, as it sometimes will, stop and say it out loud:  “I’m OK.”
And I would add even more. Sometimes, you end up in a bad spot. You're feeling depressed, like you live doesn't have any meaning anymore. And you can look at yourself, and know you're feeling this way, and say "It's okay, it happens. Today I'm feeling bad, and I need to let myself experience this; but tomorrow, after I have lived through this moment, it will be behind me and I will be stronger for having recognized it and lived through it."

Life throws unexpected punches at you. And sometimes you just have to let go and embrace them.

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