Saturday, February 20, 2010

Found somme Kool-Aid -- and Richard stole one of my sweaters!

I found Cherry, Orange and Grape! At Wal-Mart, no less. I'd really like Lime and Blue (whatever flavour is), but what I have now is good enough for a first test. Between that and the food colouring, I should get a good range of colours!

I won't be able to try it today, though.

And, Richard decided to keep the Gap sweater -- until it's too old to wear, in any case. It's nice lamb wool and has no holes. I'll have to get another one for my tests!

Edit: We went to Village des Valeurs to replace the one he decided to keep, and I bought three more. One white-ish to dye, one vivid red, and one green. I'm a happy girl!

I found out the exact colour of the ugly sweater I frogged yesterday... it's drier-lint coloured. Exactly the same weird shade of purplish-grey with speckles of colour. It needs dye :-)

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