Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photos, photos!

Here is the first sweater I took apart. 5,99$ at Salvation Army, made in Ireland, pure virgin wool. It had a couple of (repaired) holes throughout. Frankly, I think the colour is simply ugly. As I said before... it's dryer-lint-coloured, a kind of pale blueish gray with specks of purple, turquoise and orange throughout. Yikes! But, the wool has a wonderful thick scratchy feel and has obviously been treated right, because it hasn't felted at all.

There are very nice instructions all over the Internet explaining how to take apart old sweaters for the wool, so I won't repeat them here. On most sweaters, it's very easy to find the end of the stitches holding the shirt together, take the tail out and zip! undo it all in one go. This one undid like a charm!

Here are the various sweater parts after they've been taken apart. Sleeve, body, and neck. It had a tiny bit of serging at the shoulder seams (most sweaters are made this way) so there as a little bit of loss at the top of the body pieces, and because of the holes I couldn't get a full ball from all the pieces, but I got a great amount of yarn anyway.

See how much I got? How cool is that? I took a picture with my hand so you can see how much there is!

I don't have pictures of the second one I took apart, which was a bit of a disappointment because the wool is not in as good a state as I thought, but I have pictures of the third. This one is a blend, 50% wool, with cotton and nylon. 5,99$ at Salvation Army. I'm not planning on dyeing this one. It's super, super soft, that's why I bought it.

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