Thursday, March 4, 2010

First socks

My very first pair of socks was made in January and February, with this pattern

Before you ask, the wool was a self-striping wool: Red Heart's Heart and Sole.

I had so many problems with them...

First I misunderstood the instructions and made a sock that would have fit a 5 year old kid. I put this one aside and started the second one in the right size. Once this one was done, I put it aside and took apart the first one to remake it. But once I was done with the heel on the remade first one, I realized I'd made a mistake in the other sock... so I finished this one, took apart the other up to just after the heel, and re-knit it. Phew!

I don't like the shape of the toes. Next time I'll make them shorter. And I'd like to try short rows for the heel.

But, I think they're pretty nice :-)

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